Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Got The Busy

What is my work going to be today?

We are leaving tomorrow for our annual OBX trek, so I must pack and pack and pack and pack. Thankfully, I have already taken care of many Before We Leave Town things such as paying bills and getting an oil change. I have also--to my shock and awe--done all of the laundry! So really all I need to do is figure out what we're bringing and pack it up!

I am rocking with my Vitalist and Backpack and Getting Things Done combo. I am looking forward to using my newly organized time to get lots of projects done around the house, after we return, of course.

Blogging might be a bit sparse, but we do have internet access at the hotel in Raleigh (where we'll be for a couple days) and at our big old house on Rodanthe. I do intend to do some blogging because I want to keep up the habit, but it might not be every single day. And hopefully, Hurricane Dean will not decide to swing up our way and say hello; otherwise valuable vacation time will be spent evacuating the island! It's looking good so far.

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