Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Yup. I'm up. Been up since 1:38! Up up up up up. After nearly 2 weeks of sleeping from 8:30pm to 9:00am with almost no problems, Morgan (my non-sleeping child) has been AWAKE tonight. I'm about to hand her off to my peacefully sleeping spouse, as I am becoming quite dizzy from lack of sleep (I've only had about 90 minutes of sleep so far tonight). You parents out there understand. Good thing she's cute and very, very sweet.

But! I wanted to write a bit of a Boast Post about my Brilliant Idea for saving money on our upcoming trip: coins! We cashed in almost $450 worth of coins this evening (last night, whatever)! Isn't that awesome? Go me!

Of course, I'm keeping my eye on a little Tropical Depression forming out there in the Atlantic that might possibly interfere with our OBX plans. It's a risk you take when planning a vaca on the edge of the ocean during hurricane season, I guess. If the whole thing is going to go to hell, I'd rather know about it before we get there and not after, as there is pretty much only one road on and off the island.

Okay, time to go wake up Brendan. Hopefully he'll take pity on me and go on a Starbuck's run tomorrow morning for me. I foresee a real need for brain reinforcements of the caffeinated type. I keep re-reading that last sentence and it makes no sense. Good night.

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