Friday, August 31, 2007

Long Live The Humans

Craig Biddle of Principles in Practice boils down the environmentalism debate to its essentials: Either humans use the resources available on the Earth to provide for our needs or we will die. Harsh, but true.

If you are someone whose brain is awash with environmentalist influence, please do not infer that when humans exploit the Earth's resources that all the trees will die off. The animals will still be here, too. In fact, the best way to ensure that animals and plants flourish is to make them valuable to humans somehow. Cattle? Important to humans, they are tasty and my kids like chocolate milk. Trees? You betcha. Very useful for things like building homes and furniture and making s'mores. Dogs? Some humans like to play frisbee with them and clean up their poop. Humans aren't going to let anything happen to these and zillions of other Useful Things found on the Earth. We don't ever want to run out, so we grow some more.

When resources aren't renewable, humans are quite ingenious (when free to be so) at dreaming up new and improved contraptions. What if we run out of fossil fuels? Nukes, baby.

Most humans have more fun living on the Earth than being dead and in the Earth. It's true! And to keep on breathing, we're gonna need some supplies. And the Earth is just chock full of 'em.

So I'm helping out the team by adding an "Exploit The Earth Or Die" ad to my blog.

I'm with Flibbert: 'sploit 'em!


Marnee said...

Global Warming Enthusiasts Unite!

Rational Jenn said...

Yeah, I can't wait for all the ice caps to melt and the ocean to rise and then my mountain cabin will be on a lake!