Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mountain High

Ahhh....we have arrived at the cabin for a nice relaxing family vacation and birthday(s) celebration.

It's freaking HOT, even up here (99 degrees, which is patently absurd). Should cool off just a bit over the weekend. We're hoping to get a nice shot of the Perseids, too, once I figure out where they might show up.

Blogging might be sparse this weekend. We have wireless internet here at the cabin (see, don't you want to rent?) but only one computer, which belongs to my estimable spouse and Red Top Software. If you miss my particular brand of humor and wisdom, please check out the offerings at 4th Objectivist Carnival at Kim's Play Place!

And try not to miss me too much!


Marnee said...

I miss you already Jenn!


timpeck said...

Glad to hear you have darts.

-Tim Peck, Asheville