Monday, August 06, 2007

Not Back To School

Well, I found out today that the 5 year old daughter of an acquaintance of mine (friend of a friend) started Kindergarten today. The little girl's mom was all emotional, there were cute outfits, school supplies, pictures to mark the occasion, etc.

About 10 minutes after my conversation with the friend telling me this story, I sort of realized. . . .Hey! Ryan would be starting Kindergarten next week! (We're in a different school system from the other family.) Which, duh, of course I was aware of, as we've 'splained to several inquisitive acquaintances and strangers recently that "he would be starting K, but we're going to homeschool instead." (To general approval if not actual applause, I might add.)

But still it was kind of strange not to feel strange about keeping him home, if that makes any kind of sense (and I'm not sure it does). It seems (and is) perfectly normal to me. As normal as it is for everyone else to be bundling their kids off on the school bus to full day K, I guess.

Then I found myself trying to imagine actually doing that, putting Ryan on the school bus, with new clothes and pencils, handing him over to someone else to be taught stuff. Very strange. Couldn't wrap my head around it.

Not that he'd go willingly anyway. He either A.) "knows everything already without teaching" or B.) wants me to take a class on any given subject and then come home and teach him. He's made his wishes on the matter quite clear.

I wonder if this is just a taste of what it will be like next year, when I am legally required to get him ed-u-ma-cated. But Kindergarten is pretty much a given for most people I know, so this is our (my) first experience with the fact that we really are doing something different.

Feels pretty good, actually! And I think it's kind of funny, too, that it took me so long this afternoon to realize all this.


Marnee said...

Hi Jenn,

That is very exciting. I would like to applaud your wonderful choice and the strength you must have for taking on this challenge. I'm certain you will be a great TeacherPeopleGuy and little Ryan will be a terrific StudentPeopleGuy!

I always thought it sounded like great fun to be a homeschooling mom.


The Shepcarpclan said...

I homeschool all five of my children. It is a wonderful experience. Sometimes hectic but always rewarding. Good luck.

Rational Jenn said...

Marnee and The Shepcarpclan (sounds like a band name!),

Thanks for your words of encouragement! They are much appreciated.

This is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I'm sure I'll be posting about the experience as we go along.

And Marnee--excellent use of the term "Peopleguy" btw....we do want it to sweep the nation! Thanks for doing your part for the team!

Marnee said...

I and Flibertigibbet are at your service.