Saturday, August 25, 2007

On The Road Again

We left our friends this morning and are now camped out at the Embassy Suites in Charlotte for the night. We had a nice dinner, a couple of glasses of wine, and are now watching a movie before putting the little ones to bed.

This year I was especially sad to say goodbye to our friends. It seems wrong to be such good friends and only see each other once a year. I think we'll try to get up there in the winter or vice versa. Our kids are all getting a bit older and it's so nice that they are getting to know each other (even if they get on each others' nerves sometimes!). These particular friends are of the dearest sort: we always just seem to pick up where we left off in this continuing sort of conversation. It's nice, but....somehow, not enough, at least for me at this point in my life.

Ryan was sad, too, and hid in the car and refused to say goodbye to anyone. "I'm too sad." That's a quote.

We had lots and lots of fun, and there will be pictures on the FamBlog at some point in the near (I hope) future--still need to put up pics of our other August vacation!

Supposed to rain all the way home tomorrow, so wish us luck! Good night!

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