Friday, August 03, 2007

Question Of The Day

"Mom, what happens to an army man when he has to pee and he's in the middle of a battle?"

I can honestly say that I've never thought about that before.


Aquinas Dad said...


Aquinas Dad said...

Actually, Big daddy can tell you - in battle, you are too busy to need to. You always try to go before trouble (like vikings and stretching), but at the time, you just don't notice. Especially since you get so thirsty.

Rational Jenn said...

Yeah, I figured it was something like that--you'd be a bit too preoccupied.

However, I didn't want to plant that idea in his head, especially since he sometimes gets "too busy" to pee in an appropriate receptacle, even without being in a battle!

So I told him that the Army Peopleguys always ALWAYS use the potty before the battle starts. He seemed to think that made sense.

Thanks for your comment!