Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seventh Objectivist Round Up!

Well it's round up time again! We've only got one entry this week and unfortunately it's not about sex.

So, Myrhaf, you're the Big Winner this week, presenting India posted at Myrhaf. Thanks!

Now I know I was on vacation all last week, but plan to write up something semi-thoughtful over the next week. Since I have nothing explicitly philosophical to add to the carnival, I will just make all of you wish you could join me next weekend in Atlanta, especially if you are Buffy fans. Oh, please come, it would be lots of fun!

Hopefully, we'll get some more entries from others next week (hint hint).

In Carnival News--I will be taking over the administration of The Objectivist Round Up (which you will be submitting entries for--don't you like my subliminal message technique?) from Kim at Kim's Play Place. Kim started this carnival up and got the ball rolling, but has other priorities in her life right now that prevent her from taking a more active role. So thank you, Kim, for kicking us off and hopefully we'll still see some posts from you as you get time. The carnival hasn't fully transitioned yet (it's a manual process on Blog Carnival's end), but the home page should reflect the new information soon. If you want to host, please send me an email! I have a host waiting in the wings and will get you set up as soon as I have access to the account.

So that's all for this week, folks! Enjoy Myrhaf's post; I know I enjoy reading his blog!

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Marnee said...

Oh I would give my right arm to go. I'm a huge Buffy fan. I have been dying to be Buffy for Halloween for a while but it never panned out. This is the year.... I can feel it.