Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something To Sing About

Hey! Slackerina here! Did you think I forgot my lil ole blog? I'm still here--just decompressing from the vacation and getting organized and trying to get my groove back.

And. . . I have Earth-Shattering news for you!

I just bought tickets to the Buffy Sing-A-Long in Atlanta on September 8! Eek!

Oh I cannot wait. It will be me and four friends. Brendan (who I don't think especially wanted to go anyway) will be staying with the kids since the BSAL Peopleguys changed the dates on us and both of our sitters are unavailable on the 8th. But that's okay, because we still have one of them coming on the 15th which was the original date and now Brendan and I can go out to celebrate our anniversary (end rambling sentence).

But back to the Sing-A-Long (why is it spelled like that?). . . . If we get there early enough, we get goodie bags with musical-related items to use during the show! Can you believe? Kind of like the toast, squirt guns, newspapers, etc. that you'll find at Rocky Horror Picture Show. I am extra super squeaky excited!

I'm going to have to watch that episode a bunch of times before we go. First of all--I need an outfit....what? I can't really be the "mustard on my tie" guy. Bunny slippers and robe? Maybe. I'll let you know what I come up with.

So, if you see a geeky-looking completely unhip 30-something mom-type wandering around on Ponce next Saturday night, well, that's probably me. !!!


Marnee said...

Costume! You need a costume that will thoroughly disguise your mom-typeness. Get thee to a wig shoppe. Something blonde or red.... Put on the wig and see where it takes you.

Can you tell I love Halloween?

Anonymous said...

Check out for the perfect bunny slippers!

Rational Jenn said...

Halloween is my FAVORITE! I'm getting excited--only 2 more months!

I think a wig might be fun...I'm actually trying to convince all my friends to bring dry cleaning still in the bags and we can be the "they got the mustard out" singers.

That IS a great website for bunny slippers, thanks, Anon!