Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bring It On, Buffy Fans!

Here's an excerpt from an announcement about this weekend's Buffy Sing Along from the Official BSA Sponsors, the Uncool Kids:

Then it’s off to Atlanta for two back-to-back shows. Thanks to the hugeness of events like Dragoncon (which I just missed, darnit), this is one serious Buffy town. In fact, the very first screenings of Once More With Feeling started happening right there. But this is your first chance to experience it all on the giant screen at the legendary Plaza Theatre. And, yo, Atlanta fans. Let’s bring it! Dress up and go crazy, cause while the live cast doesn’t tour with the show (just your host is there in person), this is one of those cities where we can certainly start a new one! (emphasis mine)

Yeah! I guess I didn't realize that we've already had a Buffy Sing Along here, but since I'm really relatively new to BTVS, I'm not all that surprised. But still, yay! Starting a tradition. That's good.


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