Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Doctor On A Mission

Check out Jay Parkinson, MD's Blog! This guy has just begun his own medical practice--on his terms.

. . . it’s the fact that I’m easily accessible; utilize the latest communication technologies to talk with my patients; and because my practice raises the issue of a lack of a free market in the healthcare industry because the prices for healthcare are kept private until you get a bill for the services already rendered.

This guy has been making headlines since he is "110% positive" he can practice medicine better than the current, and as he correctly puts it, BROKEN healthcare system. He is practicing medicine outside the norm....he accepts only the patients he wants and who pay him an annual retainer, pays house calls (little overhead), and will be blogging about the experience. So far he's blogged about how he saved two of his patients some money on their prescriptions.

Rock On!

UPDATE: His home page, with lots more info about his practice and how it works....

Via ODonnellWeb (see, I told you that was a good blog)


jayparkinsonmd said...

Thanks for being rational Jenn...I will rock on!

Rational Jenn said...

Seriously--what you are doing is so brilliant and different and important and heroic! It's great to see a physician cutting through the Gordian Knot of the healthcare mess and getting right to the point--caring for patients.

Now if you'd just move to Georgia....!