Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey Check It Out!

After being told by my property manager to expect a slow September (what with school starting, etc.), look at our September rentals! (X marks the spot, arrrgh!)

I'm a little anxious about October--nobody has reserved any weekends yet, and that is a big rental month--but most of these September rentals were booked 10 days or less in advance. So I'm in breath-holding mode.

And did you notice that we are already booked for Thanksgiving?



Monica said...

How exciting! If I were ever in Georgia, I might consider renting from you. We live in a house in the mtns. in Colorado, but the east coast will always hold a special place in my heart. I love the trees there.

What a neat idea... holding Thanksgiving at a different location! (But I wonder if they are foreigners?)

Rational Jenn said...

Well if you ever come to Georgia, the cabin's yours! Our mountains are teeny tiny hills compared to yours, but they are still very nice. LOTS of trees. And bears, I'm told. Oh, and roosters for some reason. We can hear roosters crowing all day long at the cabin!

As for Thanksgiving...who knows? I understand that both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays usually book for most of the cabins, so it must be some families doing an away from home holiday. We've done that a couple of times and it's kind of a nice change. Although I much prefer my own kitchen!