Sunday, September 09, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering. . . .

The Buffy Sing Along ROCKED!

As if there were any possible doubt that it wouldn't.

We had ever so much fun--there was more to the whole show than just the episode, which of course was the pinnacle.

First, we got bags of goodies like vampire teeth, bubbles, and kazoos to use during the show. The organizer of the show, Clinton McClung, was our host. He mentioned that he got the idea from something done at a DragonCon here in Atlanta a few years ago and now tours the country every weekend almost, hosting Buffy Sing Along shows. What a cool job!

He got volunteers from the audience to act out a scene from Season 2. Then there were a couple of montages, one in honor of Joyce Summers (oh!) and one that had clips of what some the other actors did before Buffy and are doing since Buffy. The clip with Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) was especially hysterical. We also played Buffy trivia--I knew almost NONE of the answers. Another scene was acted out, some audience instructions, and then, Showtime!

The whole crowd sang just about every word (it helped that the words were on the screen), bubbles filled the air, streamers popped, everyone screamed "Hotness" when Spike showed up, Dawn was told to "Shut Up!" often and with vigor, people danced with dry cleaning (should have brought mine!), underwear was thrown, the audience did the wave during "Let it bu-u-ur-rn," lighters and cellphones were waved during Giles' song, and audience stood hand-in-hand at the very end, and cheered at the dramatic ending.

So. Much. Fun. Doing it every year forever!

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