Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Must Read

Gus Van Horn has written a great post exposing the fundamental errors in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that repeatedly refers to Ayn Rand as libertarian, and in doing so completely misrepresents Ayn Rand and Objectivist morality and lots of other ideas. This article is truly awful. (Ignorance or malice? You Decide!)

Among other smears:

Libertarianism was complicit, too, in the vociferous attack during the 1960s on the bourgeois family. After all, blood relationships are involuntary, and parents with any interest in rearing and educating their children are unlikely to look for guidance in "Atlas Shrugged." Ayn Rand was predictably wary of kinship ties and, like radical feminists, saw the family as a soul-killing prison.

Excuse me? Soul-killing prison? I truly don't have time to get started on this. But the next two sentences:

Rothbard struggled with the vexing question of how to square the biological fact of the dependency of the young with the libertarian devotion to freedom. His conclusion was that parents should not be legally bound to feed or educate their children, and children should have an absolute right to leave home at any time. (emphasis added)

Rothbard? Please! Know this now, if you are reading this blog and are not Objectivist--Ayn Rand would not--DID NOT!--have come to the conclusion that it is moral to stop feeding your children. Don't let that implication mislead you, please. Holy crap. No really, I need to stop blogging now and do some things with and for my family. Except that my family is killing my soul. Those meddling kids!

Okay. Stopping now.

Seriously. Go visit Gus right now. Especially if you have a "Freedom Fetish."

Well done, Gus. Thanks!

ETA: Quotations formatting? I dunno....this blog template is a little wonky and I don't have the inclination, but you understand what I was trying to do. Yes, you do.

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