Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Objectivist Carnival Info

So, now the description for our carnival reads:

This carnival accepts original posts from Objectivist bloggers on any topic. Posts are not accepted from non-Objectivist authors (this includes Libertarians). It is published every Thursday (the deadline is Wednesday).

I just added the bit about Libertarians. (removed snarky-like comment, with apologies, see below)

Some of us OBloggers discussed this issue--whether to allow posts from non-Objectivists--amongst ourselves and someone brought up the very good point that there are other venues for non-O'ist-bloggers to post their possibly-interesting-to-Objectivists posts. While I of course find value in some non-Objectivist blogs, I think it's proper for the Objectivist Carnival to be reserved for Objectivists alone. It's an opportunity for us to showcase our work in an organized way.

Now, go back to whatever it was you were doing. Bye!

ETA: After having it pointed out to me that perhaps some bloggers who are new to Objectivism might submit to our carnival some Libertarian-leaning posts, not completely understanding the whys and wherefores of the whole O vs L debate, I'd like to make it plain that I was not assuming any malicious intent on the part of one person who submitted a post. That's clearly how the sentence above read, and I'm sorry. I did forget for just a moment that some people might not be aware of all these issues, I wrote the post quickly and without too much proofreading, as a way of explaining the exclusion of Libertarians. I do want the Libertarian exclusion to remain, however--hard-core dues-paying consciously Libertarian bloggers should not submit posts to our carnival. But I do recognize that there will be bloggers old and new to Objectivism who may want to participate, and I don't want to exclude people who are making an honest mistake or still mulling the issues over in their minds. Because I still mull stuff--over and over all day long--for example, how best to word the description of this carnival! Hope that's somewhat clearer.

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