Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Serenity Convention

It's official: Firefly is getting its very own convention!

Sadly, I'm otherwise engaged that weekend on top of which I live nowhere near Burbank. So far, five of the nine main cast members are scheduled to appear, including (yum) Nathan Fillion!

I'm telling you doubters (you know who you are!)--this is how it starts. Fans, websites, conventions....then, another movie! Someday, maybe not right away, but someday, I promise! This 'verse is too shiny not to survive a long, long time.

Hey! If you're going, bring me back a souvenir! Pretty please? :o)


Qwertz said...

Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher? Alas, woe and repent! Pine with grief and despair! I, too, am unable to attend what promises to be a perfectly delicious event. I shall have to rely upon my new Serenity Collector's Edition DVD to keep me company on that desolate and lonely weekend in October.


Rational Jenn said...

Delicious indeed. Yes, delicious was the word I was searching for.

I hope they decide to make it a semi-regular thing. Would LOVE to go one year.

Anonymous said...

God I hope they don't make another Serenity like movie. Lord help me, that thing made no sense at all.

But a new show, so long as Tim Minear is a head writer, would be oh so cool.