Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Slogging Through The Groggy

Well, I did get some sleep last night, but it was very restless and stilted. The little girl has a fever, so I suppose I'll cut her some slack--this time. :o)

Have I ever mentioned that I love coffee and that its existence is a primary reason I decided that I might be able to handle being a parent? 'Tis true. Although, I'm really beginning to hate Starbucks. I had some lovely coffee at the restaurant the night Brendan and I went out for our anniversary and was reminded how lovely coffee should actually taste. Now I'm working on my last bag of Starbucks and will be in search of more lovely tasting mild-ish coffee. Any suggestions?

I have another NEA-related post for you but I think it must wait until more coffee has penetrated my brains and eyeballs. See you in a bit!


brendan said...

Jenn -

Your coffee order has been placed; it should be here by the end of the week.

Your coffee-hating husband

Rational Jenn said...

Oh you are the sweetest! I was wondering how this Boca Java found my email address. I thought for a moment it was a Sign from the Gods!

When it gets here, you should try some, because truly Starbucks tastes almost nothing like really good coffee.

Thanks, sweetie, I love you!

Rambodoc said...

Try an Indian store near you, and ask for South Indian Peaberry (?spelling) coffee. This has a strong liquor, and goes well with milk and sugar.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I go for coffee at Starbuck's because it's the only shop in my neighb and it has a great patio area. The coffee is not good but it does the job and I have an enjoyable time.

The best in AZ is the Seattle Coffee on Ray Rd. in Ahwatukee -- amazing!


Rational Jenn said...

Rambodoc--thanks for the tip! Hope to try it soon!

Marnee--I hear you about Starbucks. "Does the job" is why I keep it around. We finally have a drive-through near our house and that's been really nice.

Monica said...

I've never liked Starbucks coffee brewed by them. However, it's not so bad brewed by me. I think they simply use way too much of it. I just got their Joya Del Dio blend and I really like it.

However, I agree with much of what you've had to say. Personally, I think their coffee is often too strong and bitter. I think taste in coffee is highly personal. I've heard people rave about Peet's coffee, but there's only one flavor of theirs that I actually like.

We have a local roaster in Boulder, CO, and their coffee is simply the best I've ever had. At other times, a cup of Eight O' Clock Hazelnut, frankly, does the trick for me.

So, does anyone have advice on brands that I can try out? I've tried out quite a few but as a coffee, lover, am always looking for more.

Jason Dixon said...

You know I'd replace every Starbucks with a Caribou Coffee if I could, and that goes double for the coffee itself. For everday fare I go with the inexpensive but surprisingly good Eight O'Clock coffee. The problem with Char-bucks is that they burn (er, 'roast') all of their coffee to the same level--i.e., there's no "dark roast" and "light roast" so you can pick and choose, like at Caribou.

Rational Jenn said...

Okay, that's 2 people in a row with the Eight O'Clock! Must try it!

Jason--I love Caribou. Way more tasty than Starbucks! Actually come to think about it I rarely get just "coffee" AT Starbucks--usually I get something espresso-based.

I'll let you all know how this stuff that Brendan found for me tastes. It should arrive by Friday!