Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Objectivism Everywhere!

Well, it seems as if references to Ayn Rand are everywhere these days. There's the Hymowitz article, an article in The New York Times, Alan Greenspan's new book, and now Onkar Ghate has written a guest column in The New Statesman. All in all, this is great. Even the smears are evidence that Ayn Rand is becoming more known and also give lots of opportunity for rebuttal all over the internet. Spreading the word. It's a Good Thing.

Ghate's columns--I understand that there will be four total--will be especially interesting to those of you who happen by my blog from time to time and may be wondering just what all this Objectivism stuff is all about. His language is clear and accessible to readers who may be unfamiliar with philosophical terms and he provides examples grounded in reality (of course).

In the article entitled "Objectivism. A philosophy for living?," Ghate summarizes Objectivism very clearly while anticipating and tackling some common misconceptions and arguments against the philosophy. The second column, entitled "The Selfish Life," specifically addresses Rand's idea of rational self-interest, that is, selfishness, a term which gets most people all cringey. Can't wait to find out what the other columns will address.

Must go now--still digging out from under our bookly avalanche.

Info about Onkar Ghate's column via NoodleFood

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