Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Well Now I've Done It

I have just been fired by my 5 year old. Really! What horrible transgression did I commit? I put Neosporin on a nasty scratch he got this morning on his face. So he fired me! I am now blogging as a way of 1) ignoring the screeching and 2) controlling my temper. See how I multi-task? :o)

Now that I've been let go from my position, I'm at quite a loss as to what to do with my newfound free time. I'm sorely tempted to begin drinking cosmos or margaritas RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT; however, I'm still under contract with the 2 year old. Hmmm...maybe I can piss her off, too? Shouldn't be too hard as she hasn't napped in days and days.

We've had a rough few days with him, a resurgence of knockdown ugly screaming hideous tantrums. My understanding is that this is hopefully the last vestiges of the "Five Year Old" phase. Oh please. I'd really like to see him turn 6. Really, I would. He's usually quite a sweet and remarkable Peopleguy.

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