Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Clever Costumes

Clever. That's me. I have created some interesting costumes in my day (tonight though I'll be fairly boring--I'll wear my cap and gown and hood and be a professor).

My favorite costume was one that I invented for a coworker. Our bosses forced all the middle managers and supervisors to wear costumes. I went as one of our products, which went by the acronym 'CAPS'. So I stuck bottle caps all over my clothes. Got a prize, too. But the costume my coworker wore was even better. She didn't want to dress up at all, so I told her to get a piece of felt or cloth about a foot long by about 8 inches and bring it to work. I took a marker and wrote "IQ 220" on it. We taped it to her backside and she went as a "Smart Ass." You could always have the sign read "IQ 50" and be a Dumb Ass, too.

The next year I made costumes for both of us again. We each ran a department that utilized big green industrial monster printers. The first one we had at our company was named 'Kermit' and so obviously when we got the second one, it was called 'Miss Piggy.' Kermit and Miss Piggy enjoyed breaking down and getting paper jammed up in their innards. They also liked to spew toner, in bio-hazard powder form, all over the print room just for fun. Kermit and Miss Piggy were evil temperamental machines that deserved the baseball bat treatment from Office Space. My friend's department used Kermit; mine used Miss Piggy. Naturally, we went as those horrible machines for Halloween. She wore a green shirt and a froggie nose; I wore a pink shirt and a piggy nose. I made up a flip notebook of printer error messages for each of us to wear around our necks. Throughout the day we'd just randomly pick an error message and throw crumpled up paper at people. It was fun.

I was just reminiscing. Good times.

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