Monday, October 29, 2007

Doing My Part For The Team

Oh yes! This morning I learned (registration required) that school enrollment in Cobb County rose by only 33 students this year, falling short of the predicted 739 students. (Still, out of some 107,000 students, a very insignificant percentage.) Enrollment growth is expected to slow dramatically and enrollment numbers are expected to decrease in the coming years. This should be good news for all those kids and teachers stuck in trailers.

No mention of corresponding increases in homeschool or private school enrollments. I'm of two minds about whether I want state education officials to notice. On the one hand, if they notice stronger homeschool numbers, then they might decide to turn the government-intrusion knob up a few notches (these go to 11). On the other, I'd love for them to notice and realize that lots of people (private schoolers, too) are opting out of the government school widget-producing machine.


COD said...

I've never understood the over reaction to mobile classroom units. If the AC / heat works, and it keeps the rain out, it's about all you need. The ability to move classrooms around as needed to meet demand seems like a good thing to me.

I'd guess it's all cosmetic. Over competitive suburban parents just can't deal with their kids being in a trailer a few hours a day. Those of us that logged time living in trailers find the whole thing amusing.

Rational Jenn said...

You know, that's a good point I never really considered--flexibility. You have embiggened my mind.

The state of some of the trailers in my immediate area could be improved--they leak. Yuck.

I guess it is a cosmetic thing for me--they look ugly and they bespeak a lack of planning. There is definitely a social status perception here in suburbia.

I never spent time in them myself, having attended teeny tiny Catholic schools up until 6th grade, and then mega-large public schools after that where there were no trailers.

brendan said...

Well if enrollment fell short of estimates, I'm sure we'll be getting a refund check any day now to cover the gap between budgeted enrollment projections vs. actual.

I'm going to hold my breath until it comes...


cod -- you're right that it's an overreaction. I think the drama of the situation is trumped up so that they can justify asking for more (and more, and more) tax money.