Saturday, October 27, 2007

Frolicking Through The Weekend!

It's so nice when people come to visit! Especially when they are the kind who don't get fussed about the state of the house--fortunately, we have lots of visitors like that. I know you want to know what we've done in the 26 hours since my sis and bro-in-law got here, so hang on tight:

  • The Aunt and Uncle have patiently listened to interminable discussions about battles, peopleguys, Star Wars, Hello Kitty and purses. They have soaked in some CUTE.
  • Pizza at Johnny's, without which a visit to our house would not be complete
  • Spending the night at a semi-swanky hotel in midtown Atlanta (and helping us drag in our luggage and two sleeping kids)
  • The Food Allergy Walk--1 mile there, 3 miles for the walk, 1 mile back to the car. YAWP!
  • Meeting Clark Howard, local celebrity radio/tv consumer advocate personality, father of a peanut-allergic kid and Honorary Chair of the Walk
  • More cuteness and playing from the kids after we got back home, including a game that involves a mysterious front-door-opener and secret doorbell rings, the sandbox, lots o'cute
  • Christmas shopping for the cabin, more fun than I had thought it would be actually
  • Several rides in the new convertible, as it was a glorious clear, bright, sunshiny, warm autumn afternoon

There's more. They brought back some gifts for me and the kids from England--Ryan got a Plague Rat puppet from The Globe Theater and Morgan got a strawberry handkerchief and purse (ala Desdemona) and I got an Out! Damned Spot! tea towel. Verily, I enjoy Shakespeare-related gifts.

We are currently awaiting the dinner peopleguys to deliver dinner to our house, as all of us are too too tired to move, kids included. Tonight, we will be showing The Empire Strikes Back on the big wall, which will be the very first time Ryan has ever seen it. He has recently discovered Star Wars (and the Star Wars-LEGO computer games--their existence only, as we do not own any--yet) and I have a strong feeling, in fact, it might be The Force, that this Star Wars interest will be with us . . . always.

Hope you are having as fine a weekend as we!

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