Friday, October 19, 2007

Government Schools Gone Wild!

Okay. Here's another one. A mom trying to visit her daughter's first grade class was not permitted to until she submitted to FBI fingerprinting and a background check.

Here's a blog entry about this school, which seems to have interpreted the rule requiring the school teachers and staff to submit to the background checks as including parent volunteers. Oh, and the parents have to pay for it, too. Some of the concerns very nicely presented by the initial poster:

(1) The policy presents an undue economic burden on families and threatens parents with exclusion from their children's school lives if they cannot pay.

(2) The School District has not outlined which types of volunteer activity are covered by the "policy." As of now, schools seem to be interpreting the order to cover *all* classroom volunteerism, including attending one's child's in-class birthday celebration.

There's more, so read on if you'd like to learn about some of the school challenges faced by parents these days, never mind what the kids face in terms of their "education."

How appalling. Wow.

I can't imagine being a parent and not being able to go get my child out of school whenever I wanted to. WHENEVER and for whatever reason. The state does NOT supersede my parental rights, and the rights of my children to their parents! When is this craziness going to stop?

I'm getting angry, and these are not my children and I am not planning to insert them into this government-run school nonsense. But I'm so angry about this.

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