Thursday, October 18, 2007

2nd Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival!

It's time for the 2nd Edition of the Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival! We have some great posts to get to this week. Thanks to all for reading, sending in your posts, and spreading the word. We have received a lot of positive feedback.

Alisa presents Perfect Coconut Millet posted at One Frugal Foodie. Ooh! A recipe! Yay! Having a food-allergic child has made me more cognizant of how food is prepared and I know I've been trying to cook more healthy food with whole ingredients. Always good to get easy recipes, because I am very cooking-challenged.

Victoria Groce presents New Research: School Food Allergy Plans Not Always Adequate posted at Food Allergies. Victoria includes some great resources for all parents, even if their kids are not in school.

Tiffany Washko presents Organic Strawberries Are Looking Even Better posted at Natural Family Living Blog. A look at why organic fruit is healthier--not specifically allergy-related, but I thought she had some good information since we are always looking for ways to feed our families healthy food.

Mama Miller presents Eating out at the Crazy Fire Grill posted at The Miller Melting Pot. A look at the somewhat daunting task of eating out with a food-allergic family member.

Nowheymama presents Allergy Kits, or I Am Not A Doctor; Don't Sue Me posted at No Whey, Mama. Great information on how to be prepared.

Rational Jenn presents Considering Homeschooling Your Child With Food Allergies? Yes, Please Do! posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "A humorous look at some online comments left at a newspaper article concerning a debate about how to make a school environment safe for a child with nut allergies. I'm sure many of us have experienced the sadness, revulsion, and dare I say--amusement--at having read some comments just like these. I try to take a lighthearted approach to this because what these kinds of comments really tell me is that there is so much more education needed about food allergies and cross-contamination. (And I know that not everyone desires or is able to homeschool their kids--the title is meant to convey the yikes! factor that may make some people decide against schools.)"

Our next edition is in 2 weeks! Submit your blog article to the next edition of living with food allergies carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. If you are interested in hosting, contact me and we will get you set up as a host!

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