Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nanny State, Teachers, Children, and Parents

Parents of some 9th graders in New Jersey are assigned homework by Mr. Frye, their English teacher. The assignment: to read their child's homework each week and post comments about it on the teacher's blog, or their child's grade might suffer. The New York Times has the article.

Evidently, he has only carried out the threat to penalize a student one time in three years. If the parents refuse to comply and tell him so, then he will not penalize the child. So I have to wonder what the whole point is, really. Oh--here it is:

Carol Jago, the incoming vice president of the National Council of Teachers of English, said, “This is one of those really good ideas that has the potential to do what we really want in society.

Mr. Frye is setting a good example of what the National Council of Teachers of English want in society. How nice of him.

What do we really want in society? I suspect that Ms. Jago and Mr. Frye might differ with my views on the subject.

One more reason that I'm glad we will not be participating in the government school system.

via Joanne Jacobs and O'DonnellWeb

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