Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Play Day

We played today! A good friend of mine just took her child out of her Montessori school and is keeping her and another child during the day again. So now I have another fun mommy to play with! Oh, I guess the kids have friends to play with, too!

We went to the park and took a long hike with the kids and then ate at the World's Most Snail-Paced Restaurant (featuring Slow-As-Christmas Service). We got to spend lots of hours together and it was FUN.

So, no, I didn't blog today--may a bit before bed, we'll see. I did post a couple of posts on WSJ.com. They ran an article about food-allergic kids with anxiety yesterday (subscription required, I think). At the end of the article was a link list that pointed to, among other excellent food allergy resources, this blog. So, hello to anyone who has stopped by via WSJ! I hope that if you are new to the food allergy business that you will learn something useful and informative here. My true aim with all of this food allergy blogging (all snarking aside) is to help educate, well, the whole world actually.

Oh! And we began our Halloween decorations in earnest this evening! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday (Christmas is a close second). We got our Spooky Town pieces out this evening and they are FABULOUS. The kids are really getting into the Halloween vibe, too. It's a little tricky, what with small people who don't always get the distinction between spooky and scary (spooky = a little scary + fun), but I think we've got it now. Both of my kids have waaayy overactive imaginations (straight from my DNA). Tomorrow, we have Halloween crafts to do! Eek!

It was a very good day. :o)

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