Monday, October 29, 2007


Sports in general--not so much my thing. I do enjoy a good football game and hockey games ROCK. I like who I like but don't spend too much time analyzing statistics and game plans. I'm a very very casual sports fan.

But I am enough of a sports fan to agree enthusiastically with Chris O'Donnell's assessment of this past wonderful weekend of sports:

It was almost a perfect sports weekend. The Red Sox won the World Series, the Patriots embarrassed the Redskins, Purdue won, and IU lost. The only thing missing was another embarrassing Notre Dame defeat, but even they can’t lose when they aren’t playing.

Ahh . . . the stars are aligning, the gods are smiling . . . . here's hoping Notre Dame can pull off that loss next weekend.


Monica said...

Not so much my thing either. Mostly because I wasn't brought up with it, and I can't keep track of the rules. Sports rules seem so complicated.

You know what I love, though? Watching family members in games, especially hockey. And I loved football games in highschool. The whole team spirit thing.

Martin said...

I'll second your wish for Notre Dame to lose this weekend! They're playing Navy, and this may be the best chance for Navy to win this game since Roger Staubach was playing!

Rational Jenn said...

I wasn't brought up with sports really either--with the exception of Purdue football. My dad's motto: always root for Purdue, and always root against IU and Notre Dame, which might explain more why Chris' post appealed to me! We also like Navy (my dad was in the Navy, although he went to Purdue, in case that wasn't obvious!).

It wasn't until Brendan patiently explained the rules of football to me that it made any sense--in high school I was in the band and never paid attention to the games. So I have learned to enjoy football--it's very strategic. Brendan also taught me to love hockey, which he played for years. Hockey is just fun to watch, fast-paced and brutal. Yes, brutal--I'm not a brutal person, but when I go to a hockey game I discover some hidden blood thirsty person inside me and she longs to sit close enough to bang on the glass! Great way to get out stress!

Monica said...

Oh yeah. I'm usually hoarse at the end of a family hockey game.

Flibbert said...

I don't care anything about the team, but I have a little crush on Brett Favre, so you be nice!

Flibbert said...

Wait. Why does my brain put Greenbay and Notre Dame together?


Ok. You can cheer against Notre Dame, then, because I know Sean Astin didn't really play football there. He was just pretending.