Friday, October 12, 2007


So first thing this morning I'm greeted with the news that Gore got the Peace Prize for raising awareness about global warming?

Oh my stars! I think my stomach actually flipped over!

So instead of writing something ranty and negative and starting off my day on a negative note, I will now go do something positive and productive with my life, like drink some of the great coffee Brendan bought for me.

This moment of nausea is inconveniently true.


Charlie said...

Yup. Pretty sickening. However, I think it's only sickening because of the publicity this gives that scam artist. I'm not surprised at all, because the Nobel Peace Prize has a long history of mediocrity.

I went to the Nobel website to look up past winners, and it's quite a motley crew of no-names, altruists, leftists, and religious wackos. If you're curious, skip the Nobel site and just go to the wikipedia entry. It's easier to scan through quickly than the slow and annoying Nobel site.

Some lowlights:

- Teddy Roosevelt
- Woodrow Wilson
- Everyone associated with the League of Nations and WWI reparations, treaties, and appeasements of Germany and later, Hitler (looks to be at least 11 awards in the 1920's and 30's)
- A bunch of UN-related awards
- Mother Theresa
- Jimmy Carter
- Lately, a bunch of 3rd-worlders working for "sustainable development", "human rights" (egalitarianism), etc.

I see very few winners since it was started in 1901 that look even remotely admirable. It's a century of pandering to leftist, altruist and religious influences.

So Gore and the IPCC, in proselytizing an anti-reason, anti-free trade, anti-science myth, are the perfect poster children for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Chris said...

It makes perfect sense. Anybody viewing the documentary becomes lethargic and drowsy, thus losing the will to commit acts of violence.