Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whee! Garage Sale Day!

Can you believe we survived the garage sale? And we made $140, which is pretty good for a sale where I kept telling people "Oh, you can just have THAT for free!"

We sold many items and then took two big van loads of crap wonderful stuff to the donation center. Many things remain in the garage, but with a little rearranging and an extra-conscientious effort at putting out the garbage next Friday, it will look great. Which is nice because that's where I've decided to put the elliptical once we actually, actually assemble it. (Our family motto: "We Always Get To It Eventually")

Here's something I learned from the garage sale: Americana does NOT sell because people don't want it. Which completely justifies my decision to change the decor at the cabin! I wish our local donation center luck with all that. It is no longer my problem. (Yay!)

Ryan earned 5% of sales for helping out, so that's 7 bucks. Enough for a little LEGO set, I think. He very enthusiastically helped us move stuff out, and helped me put price stickers on the items (and didn't complain that I was using HIS price stickers) and then talked and talked and talked to our customers. Also, he put price stickers sans actual prices on EVERYTHING, including things we weren't selling and his sister. He kept calling our driveway "our mall" and referred to different sections as the "bookstore" and "furniture store," etc. He was glad we had customers, since mall peopleguys need customers to buy things. Eventually he tired of being a mall peopleguy and set out to draw the World's Biggest Picture on our sidewalk.

Morgan specialized in climbing things that were not appropriate for climbing, and singing "Happy Birthday" to herself and pretending to blow out a candle we had for sale. Oh, and looking cute while nearly breaking things (her body included). But, hey, she was not on the payroll, so what could we expect? Maybe she'll apply herself better if we give her a financial stake. Next time. Or....not.

I'm tired now, but we have much to do tomorrow. I'm finishing my magazine article and we are going to clean up a bit more before we get together with some friends tomorrow afternoon/evening. Fun: I think we've earned it!


Charlie said...

What is Americana? Are you talking a wooden bald eagle statue? Or something you'd find in a country kitchen? (blue & white checked table cloth and wooden 'duck art'?)

Rational Jenn said...

Americana could be the bald eagle you speak of. It's a lot of red, white, and blue stuff, think American flag meets country kitchen. So I had rw&b flag salt & pepper shakers and placemats and roosters and heart-shaped wooden flag-decorated hanging things. There was a fair amount non-rw&b things like hand-painted decorative saw blades and pictures of the general store. Roosters abounded, and I didn't even put the rooster dishes in the sale (they are still up at the cabin)!

The wildlife pictures sold, some of which were nice, actually, but didn't fit in with the new cabin decor (which is officially known as "country rustic" emphasis on rustic). It was an interesting experience, decorating something as large as a house in a style that is very much not mine. Soon I will be getting "country rustic" Christmas decorations for the upcoming holiday season.

I should have saved that sawblade for you, because I just know you would have loved it! Oh well.

Hmmm...just had a little thought that is somewhat frightening--if my sale had things with the Stars & Bars instead of Stars & Stripes, would they have sold? I'd like to think not, but....