Monday, October 08, 2007

Why Scooby Doo Is Good For Children

Recently, my kids have had a hankering for liverwurst. Yes, liverwurst. And guess what? BOTH of them are eating it, even Mr. Picky What Doesn't Eat Meat Unless It's In Nugget Form.

We were baffled until my husband realized that Scooby and Shaggy just love liverwurst sandwiches! And who can blame them?

Now Morgan has taken to calling it "sliver-wurst" which I can only imagine is a 2.5 year old's homage to the line in the Scooby Doo theme song which goes "C'mon, Scooby Doo, I see you/Pretending you've got a sliver."

With the holidays looming up before us, I fear they will be requesting three-decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwiches with arsenic sauce before too long. Yay for television! (Although we will of course turn down that particular request.)

(Kudos to you if you can figure out this literary reference. Bonus points if you are childless.)


Charlie said...

I'm not familiar with the current state of Scooby Doo-dom, but my 3.75 yr old loves Dragon Tales. Syrypy, dopey, but not completely awful. And I too have found that she has learned something from it. It helps significantly that I often watch it with her.

Case in point, we were playing in the yard, kicking a ball, and she tried to dribble it a bit. Often, when she tries something new and it doesn't magically come to her right away without practice, she gets frustrated and gives up. But I refered to an episode where Ord was trying to learn to play "Dragon Soccer" (everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, has "Dragon" as a descriptor, as if every dragon in Dragon Land needs to constantly reaffirm that they are, in fact, in Dragon Land, as opposed to all the other lands of which they know nothing. ugh.) He was frustrated and wanted to give up, but his friends helped him work through it and learn how to start slowly and practice.

I said "just start slowly, one small kick at a time" (a lesson that Ord learned) and she responded "Yeah! Just like Ord!" Because we shared that common reference point, I could use it to help her work through it largely on her own.

Another great -- truly great -- kid's show is Curious George. Science, experimentation, problem solving, figuring things out on your own, with a great sense of life and wonder... I think I like the show as much as my kids do. I'll happily sit and watch it with them, and not even want to get up and find the newspaper.

Jennifer Snow said...

You're a mean one . . . Mr. Grinch . . .

I have no kids, what do I win?

Rational Jenn said...

Hey Charlie! Haven't seen the Dragon Tales but I like how you used it to concretize a concept/value for her. We try to do that, too. That's the role of literature and art and tv (all the best, of course), isn't it? To help depict abstractions in a form that fits inside the brain more easily.

I have seen Curious George a few times and I've liked what I've seen. The Scooby we watch are the classics--older than we are (yay)! And some of the newer movies which are mostly "meh" but not horrible.

My favorite kid's show of all time is Blue's Clues followed by The Backyardigans.


"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose."

I am of course very impressed with your literary repertoire! You truly are the Literatrix. You win....let's see. I'm a little short on cash (you'll see why if you check my blog later today)....but how about my eternal impressedness? :o) See how I just invent words without regards to the consequences?