Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Zoiks! Buffy Sing Along Shows On Hiatus!

Fox has pulled the distribution rights to all of their television shows while they work out the best way to handle payment of residuals, gilders, and florins to those who deserve them, what with the guilds, unions, and alliances that are hard a-working all the time in Hollywood. My understanding is that there are thingamabobs and widgets that need to be accounted for when taking a visual entertainment product such as BTVS and showing it up on a big theater screen.

Of course I want everyone connected with the show to get their due reimbursement, so I hope that they figure out the solution quickly. Plus I want my friends to be able to try out for the permanent cast here in Atlanta.

There is a petition you can sign if you want to let Fox know that these re-screenings are of enormous importance to you personally (and if they aren't, well, then they should be and please see me after class if you'd like me to straighten you out on this matter). Even though I disagree with the (alas, predictable) misuse of the terms "greed" and "selfish" I think the petition sponsors are to be applauded for requesting that people refrain from being insulting or disparaging to Fox and the Fox Peopleguys who are well within their rights to a) want to be paid for their work and b) making sure that people get paid.

So--no wishing tribal diseases or skeezy cheeses upon the heads of the Fox Peopleguys, mmm-k? Hopefully, they'll get it figured out soon--this show could be very lucrative for them.

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Anonymous said...

This is all a part of my plan to hold off the next sing along until I have a one handed front walkover. Gotta make that cast!!!!!!!