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18th Objectivist Round Up!

Welcome to the 18th edition of the Objectivist Round Up! This is one of our largest editions yet--13 posts on such diverse topics as religion, environmentalism, patriotism, education and politics. We also have our first audio entry from an Objectivist who has a weekly show at Blog Talk Radio.

I'm happy to announce that our carnival is going to be the Featured Carnival all day long on Saturday, November 10. This is a nice recognition of our efforts. So welcome (in advance) to readers who find us on Saturday. Thanks to the peopleguys at Blog Carnival!

Just for fun, I have organized the posts this week by general topic. I'm interested in hearing opinions about this format.

Writing about metaphysics, we have Flibbert and Gideon:

Flibbert presents Decartes' Brain in a Jar posted at Flibbertigibbet saying, "This week, when I wasn't posting about skanky Halloween custumes, Britney Spears, America's Most Smartest Model, gay people, or some combination of the above, I was apparently watching movies and playing video games. At some point between that full schedule of intellectual olympics, I managed to give some attention to life inside the Matrix. Actually, I was talking about how we know we don't live in the Matrix. I've seen a 20% increase in traffic all from potheads as a result of this post.* Everyone should consider this valuable intersection of Descartes and Keanu Reeves as a blog topic for improving traffic to their blog. * plus or minus 20 points for statistical variance."

Gideon Reich presents Armchair Intellectual posted at Armchair Intellectual, saying "A review of Objectivist attitudes toward quantum mechanics due to recent promising claim by an Oxford physicist that contrary to assumptions going back many decades a local deterministic theory may be possible after all."

Nicholas, Monica and Kendall J write about environmentalism:

Nicholas Provenzo presents Indoctrinating Green Warriors posted at The Rule of Reason.

Monica presents Why Environmental Conservation? posted at Spark A Synapse saying, "I think the title pretty much sums up my post of the week!"

Kendall Justiniano presents The Biofuel Boondoggle posted at The Crucible and Column saying, "Kendall J takes a look at the failed policy of biofuel subsidies and why basic economic principles make this policy obvious folly."

Ergo and Myrhaf address some ideas about which Objectivists are often misunderstood:

Ergo presents Feeling Your Philosophy posted at Leitmotif saying, "The rational approach to life is not a mental flowchart of logical steps in the face of every situation."

Myrhaf presents The Art of Conversation posted at Myrhaf.

On the topic of religion, we have another fine post from Gus:

Gus Van Horn presents Counting Skulls For Jesus posted at Gus Van Horn.

Sascha writes about what it means to be a rational patriot:

Sascha Settegast presents The Virtue of Patriotism posted at Heroic Dreams saying, " This is a piece I first published in July 2006 on my old blog, and which I now republished in a slightly edited version on my new blog. It defines what patriotism is and why it is important to human flourishing."

We also have some current events from Stella, Darren, and Jenn:

Stella presents Everybody hates Abbott posted at ReasonPharm saying, "Abbott is one of the most vilified pharmaceutical companies for its policies in pricing its HIV drugs. Now the right of Abbott to charge whatever price the market will bear is being challenged not only by the usual suspects (patients and advocacy groups), but by other businessmen."

Darren presents McCain, Fox News, and "Fair Use" posted at Darren Cauthon.

Rational Jenn presents School District Sues Parent posted at Rational Jenn, saying "Things are heating up for one Texas mom who runs a website that keeps tabs on her local school district."

And finally, a new kind of blog post--the audio kind:

Boss Hoss presents You and America wouldn't be great if not for one man ... Aristotle posted at Boss Hoss, saying "The concept of liberty, the production of cell-phones, the idea of individual rights, the belief that we can be happy by focusing on reality objectively and pursuing our dreams. All of these were made possible by the revolution in the mind in Western Civilization because of one man. Join me in an Aristotle Adventure."

Well, that about wraps it up for this week. You should also be made aware that all of the posts are the opinions of the individual authors and are not necessarily the opinions of the Ayn Rand Institute, Leonard Peikoff, or any other representative of Ayn Rand, her estate, or Objectivism. If you are interested in learning more about Ayn Rand and her ideas, I recommend starting at the source--her fiction and non-fiction (visit the ARI homepage for lots of resources).

Thanks for visiting. I compiled this post the hard way this morning because Blog Carnival is temporarily down, so if I've neglected to include your post, please drop me a line and I'll rectify the situation!

Your Host Of Bloggy Goodness for the next edition of the Objectivist Round Up will be Flibbert! Use this handy link to submit your posts.

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