Sunday, November 18, 2007

Aaannndd . . . We're Back!

The cabin is very prettily decorated for the holidays. We got a nice tree with lights already on it and it's red and gold all over with ornaments and ribbons. We put up a few little pictures and knick-knacks and I now declare the holiday season to be "open." It sure would be nice to have renters for Christmas (we have some for Thanksgiving).

We never seem to have enough time up there, even when we know we're going up for only a day. We did manage to visit the Copperhill Rock & Mineral Company in Copperhill, TN. The proprietor of the shop is sooooo nice to the kids and was very impressed with Ryan's enthusiasm for rocks. It might be Ryan's favorite store in the universe. Ryan even got a free amethyst just for being cute and smart (he told the whole store that the reason the copper he was holding is heavy even though it's small is because it's "dense"). Of course, we did drop some money there and now own a pretty spiffy rock polishing machine. I can't wait to try it out and Ryan is just dying to try it. It's going to be hard though, having to wait for days to get polished rocks. Maybe it will cultivate some patience.

After WhineFest 2007, in which tempers were lost (mine), tears were shed (theirs), and Brendan finally resorted to strapping them into their carseats while we finished loading up the car because they Just. Couldn't. Stop. Anything: we are home to our bland old trees and regular old house and no decorations anywhere--unless you count the few Halloween boxes that we have yet to stow, and I don't. There is football soon, and I suppose that's something.

But! Excitement tonight! The Police!

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Charlie said...

After seeing Los Policios at Fenway this summer (and yes, I take credit for convincing you to go) I'm wondering if you have gotten over the shock and amazement at how unbelievably awesome it was to see them play live. I'm sure you'll write a review, but I'm going to guess and say words like "WOW!" and "HOLY SHI'ITE!" will be peppered throughout the review.

I'm also curious to learn what B thought.