Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All Excited

I'm very pleased to have signed up for Scott Powell's next course, entitled The Islamist Entanglement, which begins next February! I've heard so many wonderful things about his history courses. I have always been a history buff, but like many others, my knowledge of history has a few large holes in it. I think this course will help me tremendously.

I'm also excited to be taking this course with my friend and anticipate many cyber and in-person discussions with him, because he is very interesting to talk to and I alway learn something from him. I have discovered in recent years that he is a history buff, too, and I think it's fun to have a History Buff Buddy! HBBs 4Ever! Eeeee! (That last bit was a 14 year old girl type squeal!)

Anyway, sign up for Powell's course if you'd like to be edumacated and of course, if you'd like the honor of being another one of my HBBs!

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