Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can't Stop The Sugar!

Some enterprising students have found a way to capitalize on their school's banning of sweet snacks from vending machines--become candy dealers!

"(”Billy”) was buying things without any visible means of income. A few weeks into the 2007 fall semester, he had a brand new iPod. He had new boots, new clothes and was talking about a new car."

His parents thought he was selling drugs. He took them out to dinner to explain: He was a candy pusher using his Costco connection to buy low and sell high. Another Boulder boy got his parents to finance his candy purchases but complained when lower-priced competition cut into his profit margin. (emphasis added)

Now that is just amazingly brilliant! I wish these kids some sweet success!

And I really hope that the Sugar Police do not penalize them for it--oh sure, they may ban sales in the hallways between classes, etc. But I think one thing has been demonstrated very clearly: smart businessmen will find a way to fill a customer's demand.

Via Joanne Jacobs


softwareNerd said...

A high-schooler on an Objectivist forum mentioned that she sold candy like that. I never tied it back to the ban on candy in schools.

(In the end, she got caught and had to stop.)

Col. Hogan said...

I wrote an entry suggesting this on my blog some months ago. I guess it's too obvious a winner not to have happened. Excellent report!