Saturday, November 10, 2007

Carnival Of The Day

I'm reveling in our featured blog carnival status today! Actually, I'm doing a little jig!


Darren said...

Thanks for your work in organizing this. Seeing it up on the front page is pretty neat, are you noticing a jump in the referrals with the featured spot on the site?

Flibbert said...

And today (Sunday) the featured blog is for "market anarchists."


Rational Jenn said...

Well, I suppose they can't have our wonderfulness every day! There are some very interesting blogs out there, I'll say that.

Darren, I did see a small jump in referrals from Blog carnival yesterday, and hopefully that spread some referral-love to all of you who participated.

This Blog Carnival deal is a small thing, really, but every effort in getting more people familiar with Objectivism is a good one, methinks.