Monday, November 12, 2007

A Conversation With My Son

Me: Ryan, can you please move that basket of Lego Peopleguys? I need to put something right there.

Ryan: Okay, Mom, but first I need to kill all of the ancient warriors.

Me: Uh, okay.

Ryan: Well, they're not all dead yet. But then I'll move the basket.

Sometimes, I have no idea what is happening inside his brain. Huh.

UPDATE: This, from my husband:

This reminded me of a conversation he & I had at lunch (you were upstairs, I think).

(Ryan has four LEGO peopleguys standing outside of a turned-over red basket, talking quietly to each other. Inside the basket is the LEGO skeleton, lying on its back).

Me: Ryan, what are those guys doing?

Ryan: This is a burial ground. They're burying the soldiers who were killed in battle.

Me: Oh.

Ryan: Yes, it was a big battle and there's going to be a lot of bodies in there.

So -- that's what's happening inside his brain. It's a... um... crypt.

Isn't that cute?

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