Friday, November 23, 2007

The Day After Thanksgiving

Do you go to those 4am sales on the aptly named "Black Friday?" Neither do I. I simply can't imagine how cheap or free something I desperately wanted would need to be to entice me to join approximately 27,000 other people fighting for parking spaces and shopping carts in some kind of crazy rush to grab the last stocking stuffer off the shelf and then wait in line for the rest of eternity to pay for it.

I don't mind paying a little extra for shipping and handling. And let UPS thank me now, since I will be paying a whole bunch of s&h this holiday season, what with having to mail out most of our gifts this year and not having done hardly any Christmas shopping at all. I am very lucky that the official Christmas season is a week longer this year.

We had a very fun Thanksgiving at our neighbor's house with our friends. The kids played and played and my friend and I cooked and cooked and then everyone ate and ate. (Can you tell I've been reading many kid's books lately?) Somehow we have more food leftover than we started with--a Thanksgiving miracle?

The best part of Thanksgiving for me was watching all three hours of the Macy's parade with my little ones while we did the rolls. Everyone got in on the roll action, and we talked about my grandma and we talked about the parade and it was FUN. We also talked about how Aunt Eileen's two favorite musicals of all time are Xanadu (yesssss!) and Mary Poppins and we got to see performances of both at the parade. Oh, and Hello Kitty made her big balloony debut this year, which made Morgan jump up and down a zillion times, squealing like the little girl she is. So funny. Ryan was fascinated with the marching bands and the rifle squads. He just couldn't figure out why those girls weren't aiming and shooting those rifles (where? into the innocent crowd?) and were instead spinning them all over the place. Also, he exclaimed during one pep squad act, "Wow--there are so many girl cheerleaders! Look at them all!" and proceeded to stare open-mouthed until the commercial break. Huh.

And all the Good Guys won their football games although the Colts were looking a bit sorry compared to the Falcons. Oh dear. I predict a Pats/Packers SuperBowl.

Our final Thanksgiving tradition--the screening (on The Big Wall!) of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, the Boris Karloff cartoon version. Three times! Beautiful. Really, you should come here next year because we really do Thanksgiving right.

So now today--cleaning up a bit, getting organized for the holidays, paying bills, piddle piddle piddle. Brendan had to work today, the downside of self-employment is that there are no paid holidays, but maybe he'll be able to break free a little early.

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