Sunday, November 04, 2007

Game Day

So today, we have a big afternoon planned here at our house: FOOTBALL! My poor husband has not been able to sit and watch a whole entire game practically all season.

Well, today, we will be doing that because two of our favorite teams are facing off: The Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots! We'll be rooting for the Colts, but I'm just looking forward to watching Excellence in Football all around. One of my friends (you know who you are!) will be rooting for the Pats, but hey, we all make mistakes. ;o)

Look at me. Liking the sports.


COD said...

My condolences on the Colts loss. I was really broken up when Manning fumbled and blew the game.

Not!!! I was doing a victory dance in front of the TV. Go Patriots Woo Hoo!!!

Rational Jenn said...

This is me sticking my tongue out at you: :p

Ah well. The nice thing about not being super into sports is that I can move on with my life pretty quickly after a devastating tragedy such as this.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the patriots.


Charlie said...
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Charlie said...

I'm seeing a pattern when the Pats play the media's and NFL's Golden Children in Indy. Remember the horrendous pass interefence calls against the Pats in the AFC championship last year, which the NFL later sent an official apology about? There was a replay of those horrible calls yesterday, except they were even worse. WTF? Ellis Hobbs made a flawless defensive play and the Colts' pansy tackled him to prevent an INT. And Moss was called with offensive pass interference when the cornerback grabbed and held onto his arm!

And still, Beluga-head Manning couldn't pull out the win. HA! Of course he had to make the excuse that Marvin Harrison was out. Just like when they lost to the Steelers a few years ago and he threw his O-line under the bus in the post-game press conference. Pretty classy, Mr. Forehead. Even with the flu decimating the O and D lines last year, with Rodney Harrison out, and 3rd-string safeties and linebackers shoring up the defense, you didn't hear Belichick or Brady making excuses or calling out their own players.

Assuming the Colts make it to the AFC championship in Foxboro this year, the game won't even be close. At least two touchdowns will separate the future Super Bowl champion Pats from the shell-shocked Colts. And you'll see the Manning Face again.

Oh, and Karen... HA!

brendan said...

Charlie, I'm disappointed in you -- resorting to the cry of the sore winner: the conspiracy theory.

Though you're dead right about that end-zone call on Moss. Totally bad call, and it was obvious from every angle.

I have to say, you MASS folk saying that Indy is the NFL's Golden Children -- you've obviously been watching a COMPLETELY different network than the rest of us. The accolades on the Pats have been so much wilder, thicker, and more frequent than those on the Colts. The Pats are great, but come on, everyone (outside of MASS) knows that the Pats have had a totally easy season until yesterday. I mean just look at the competition they have in their division. They're the only ones with a winning record. So beating all of their opponents by at least 17 is not THAT impressive when you look at who their opponents have been.

Hell, I could put together a neighborhood football team of out-of-shape dads, and we'd beat the Bills 30-10.

We'd have to have a lot of players, though, to cover for frequent injuries (some life-threatening).

I'm going to predict that the Pats will lose to the Eagles in three weeks. Is there a "Brady face"? We'll see...

Charlie said...


I read the national media reports and watch the national shows. People may say that the Pats are winning, unbeatable, etc., but they are also called "evil" on a regular basis. Did you read that craptastic TMQ article by GGregg Easterbrookk?

So, yes, the Colts are the Golden Children of the league. They may not be the best team, but everyone loves them, and the Pats are the evil empire.

And yes, I realize that I'm playing into the conspiracy theories, but look at the evidence from the past 5+ years. In just about every matchup between the Colts and Pats, there has been an overwhelming number of obviously terrible calls going against the Pats. And failing that, Dungy and Polian whined to the league to have the rules changed to make physical play against wide receivers illegal, after the Colts were destroyed in an AFC championship game. Do I really think there's some conspiracy? No. But these calls keep coming every time, and it could make even the most level-headed person start to wonder.

Regarding your comment about the Moss pass interference call, I'm suprised you thought that was worse than Ellis Hobbs vs. Reggie Wayne. Hobbs displayed perfect, textbook technique, got in front of Wayne, looked back at the ball, didn't use his hands to push Wayne, and went for the catch. Meanwhile, Wayne knew he was up shi'ite creek and tackled Hobbs to prevent the interception. Flag. Against the Pats. Worst call I have seen all year. In fact, worst call I can remember. Except for maybe the "tuck rule" call that allowed the Pats to beat Oakland on their way to their first Super Bowl win.

Did you watch the Cowboys vs. the Eagles last night? Do you seriously think that McNabb could beat the Pats, even if they bench Brady after the first quarter and play Matt Cassel at QB? I'm guessing the spread will be in the 16.5 pts range, and that the Pats will beat it.

And your easy schedule comment is a load of crap. The Colts have played Tennessee, Jacksonville and Tampa. Everyone else is at .500 or below (and one even had VinnyT at QB). The Pats played Dallas, Washington and Cleveland, and the others are .500 or below. I'd say they're pretty even schedules, as far as these things go.

Not-fer-nuthin' (as they say in Rhode Island) Buffalo is on a 3-game win streak including beating Baltimore, and narrowly lost to Dallas 4 games ago. They aren't that bad, and are certainly better than the Falcons. (just had to get that one in. :-)

COD said...

As a Patriots fan from back in the Steve Grogan era, I'm really enjoying these comments :) Y

brendan said...

Charlie -- for the record, you won't catch me defending the Falcons. I'm a fair-weather fan, to be sure. In fact, my neighborhood out-of-shape dad team actually DID beat the Falcons four weeks ago, 52 - 3 -- it was before Leftwich came onto the team though.

I'm demanding a rematch with Leftwich in place -- we should win 52 - 0.

Boy, you do take your Pats seriously though. I'm glad I didn't mention anything about their rampant cheating, or Tom Brady being a wife-beater (I know he's not married yet, but just wait -- he'll be beatin' her shortly thereafter).

I did see some of the TMQ article you mentioned (honestly couldn't stand to read past the third paragraph, it was such a whiny-ass piece). It's pretty much the only thing I've seen that called the Pats "evil". And it was absurd. Not worth reading; I'm glad I didn't.

Everything else I've seen that compared the two teams were generally a comparison between "unbelievably good" and "really freakin' good".

About the Moss call: I missed the Hobbs vs. Wayne thing you mentioned. I've often imagined what it would look like to take Manning's forehead and Hobbs' bug-eyes and put them on the same person. Now THAT would look pretty freaky.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing the words but mostly I'm reading "Blah blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah".

Me thinks ya'll care WAAAAAAAY more than I. I bow to your impressive convictions regarding football.


{The Patriots still blow ...}

Rational Jenn said...

Karen, I'm with you. My eyes see the words, my brains do not comprehend. Like the adult voices in Charlie Brown cartoons: "wah wah wah wah waaahh."

Still, I'm glad there are people who got that level of enjoyment out of it. I think that's nice. For them.

Now I think we should do something girly. Manicure anyone?

Charlie said...

Cheating? Yes. I'm still pissed about it. The camera thing was stupid and not necessary -- stupid, because he was specifically warned about it, probably directly, and not necessary because he was playing Eric Mangina's crap-ass team. Does everyone in the NFL do it, or something like it? Yup. I predict the Crowd-Noise-Gate will continue to flare up, as people who were in the RCA dome start to speak up and corroborate that they also heard the CD-skipping sound of deafening crowd noise. If so, Colts are cheaters too. (may not be intentional, but the coach-to-QB communications were also completely out for the Pats, making them resort to signalling plays) Not that I really care, except that it's nice to see Coach God Boy and WonderForehead get some tarnish too, just because I don't like them. But the thing is, it's a frickin' game, and everyone skirts the rules as much as they can until they get caught. It's the nature of competitive sports, even if people try to sound holier-than-thou about the sanctity of sportsmanship. Blah-frickin-blah.

Mulitple commentators on TV and print have repeated the Good vs. Evil angle. The NY Post had "EVIL DOES IT!" as a headline, with a subhead "Hate-riots move to 9-0". It's become a meme, and is spreading. Oh well. It just makes me laugh harder when Brady throws for another eff-you TD to make the score 75-3.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, the thing that really gets me about the whole Dungy/Colts vs. Belichick/Pats thing is the extolling of Dungy as a god-fearing altruist, and therefore a better person, better coach, and more admirable team. That TMQ article even discussed how Dungy gives more to charity and community service. WTF does that have to do with anything?

I would absolutely love it if at some point Brady and Belichick come out of the closet and reveal that they are, at the very least, atheists, and perhaps even Objectivists. Damn, would that be awesome.

And Brendan, I think you're confusing Ellis Hobbs (normal looking guy) with Reche "Bugeyes" Caldwell formerly of the Patriots, now inactive on the Redskins because he sucks so much.

brendan said...

Charlie -

Oh, yeah -- THAT'S the guy I was thinking of alright. So he's a Redskin now, eh? I guess you can only drop so many perfect passes before Belichick decides to yank you from the team.

I think there are two factors at play here that are making you so defensive of your Pats:

1) You live in the Northeast, and probably hear a lot more rivalry trash-talk on TV & in print, than the rest of us do, being so close to NY (I mean come on, who reads the Post?)

2) Deep down inside, you know that the Pats really are dirty rotten cheaters, and have a guilty-conscience-driven over-defensiveness about it. The ultimate cry of the cheat is "Everybody does it!" :-)

I think I speak for the rest of the country when I say that ANYTHING that's that good, coming from the land of All Things Kennedy, has the automatic stink of corruption attached to it. They've been caught with the camera thing, but we all know there's so much more that they've gotten away with. You don't serve in the senate for that many years without making a lot of powerful friends in high places.

With both the Red Sox and the Patriots doing so well, I can only assume that ol' Ted or his pal Kerry is up for re-election soon (they obviously feel safe without the "hockey vote" -- the Bruins SUCK).

Belichick & Brady as Objectivists? Not likely. An Objectivist wouldn't cheat (Belichick), or beat his wife (Brady). :-)

In fact, the only Objectivist in football that I'm aware of plays for the Colts. So maybe the Colts really are "good", which would make the Pats "evil". Hmm...

About the crowd noise in Indy, I'll predict only this: that the number of people in the crowd saying they heard anything suspicious absolutely will not exceed the number of Pats fans who were there. And I'd bet that those fans got, or will soon be getting, an anonymous "bonus" from Uncle Ted for saying so, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers.

Seriously though, I really only watch the pre-game analysis stuff, where they reveal O/D strategies of each team, make predictions based on lineup, etc. Then I watch the game. Once the game's over I literally don't pay any attention to the post-game trash talk, interviews, newspaper articles, etc. What's the point? The game's over -- get ready for next week.