Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More Excellence From Gus

Gus Van Horn has an excellent post today about this "new atheist" crowd making headlines all over the place, and how yet another member of such has again missed Ayn Rand's insights. This is his concluding paragraph, but I strongly suggest reading the entire post:

In the current cultural debate over religion, the new atheists err in throwing out the baby with the bathwater when they dismiss or show contempt for certain legitimate emotions and concepts that are traditionally associated with religion. But too often, when those who -- like Dalrymple -- realize this mistake reply, they make the same error he makes, which is to assume that there is no secular basis for the good things religion is an attempt to do. In doing so, such intellectuals permit our highest aspirations to remain hostage to those who would have us destroy our minds and our lives with blind faith.
By the way--Vote for Gus!

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