Monday, November 05, 2007

Service To Society

Joanne Jacobs has a story about how engineering is becoming quite a popular major. So popular in fact, that traditional liberal arts schools are offering engineering degrees. Great, so they're responding to market demand, right? I've got no problem with that, except this is how one professor defines engineering:

“Engineering is science in service to society,” said Ted Ducas, a Wellesley professor. “Addressing fundamental problems of the world — that’s of great interest to our students.”

Really. And here I thought engineering was applied science. Silly me. My advice to prospective engineering students at Wellesley? Consider a real engineering school. They've let girls in for years, honest!


COD said...

As a former engineering technology student at the above linked University, I say to the girls...

Please please go to Purdue. There was one girl in the entire EET major when I was there. I had to resort to taking a marriage and family relations class just to improve my odds on meeting these girls I kept hearing about but actually saw in a class :)

Rational Jenn said...

I knew some girl engineers. Mind you, I wasn't one of 'em, but several come to mind. I imagine a guy's perspective would be a bit different from mine though! took marriage and family relations, did you? Is that what they called Psych 444 when you went there? :o)

COD said...

Actually, it was CDFS 350. I never managed to fit Psych 444 into my schedule :)

By coincidence, I did meet my wife during the semester I was taking CDFS 350, but not in that class.