Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sunshine Day

Well, the Prayer Vigil took place this afternoon! My kids are now out playing in the very dry backyard. Not a raindrop in sight, although I accidentally overturned a bucket in the yard from which a few precious drops of moisture spilled onto the grass. Miracle? You decide. I must admit to chanting "Rain, rain, go away/Come again some other day" a whole bunch of times right around when the pray-in was going on. I'm evil that way.

Perdue [our governor] said after the event that Georgians have not done "all we could do in conservation" and that the drought was an attempt by God to "get our attention."

"Hopefully we will be better conservators of the blessings God's given us as he gives us more (rain)," the governor said. (emphasis added)

Well, I'm certainly convinced. As soon as the gods send rain, I'll go buy a rain barrel and divining rod and promise to be a better Rain Conservationist Citizen Type.

Now, some have criticized the governor for scheduling this pray-in for a day in which there was actually a chance of rain. Sure, there's only a 20% chance, but that's way higher than it's been in a while. Personally, I don't blame him for maximizing his chances for success, but I feel compelled to point out that many of those meteorologists use science to come up with their predictions as opposed to wishful thinking.

Some protesters from the Atlanta Freethought Society picketed the pray-in with signs that read ""Hail Priest-King Perdue" and "Pray on the Church Steps, not the Capitol Steps." It might be fun to think up some more. How about "If You Want Water, Go Live In The Rain Forest"? Or, "Upset About The Drought? Cry Me A River!"

Evidently, there was a similar Group Prayer to the Rain Gods session back in the drought of 1986, led by the then-governor. Can you believe that it actually poured after that vigil? Guess we didn't pray hard enough this time.

Now that we Georgians have got this out of our systems, maybe it's time to use some critical thinking skills applied to the facts of reality to come up with a solution. Just a suggestion.

In the meantime, why not find the silver lining to this drought situation? I recommend following some Very Brady Wisdom:

I think I'll go for a walk outside now,
The summer sun's calling my name, I hear it now.
I just can't stay inside all day,
I've got to get out, gimme some of those rays.

Everybody's smiling (sunshine day),
Everybody's laughing (sunshine day),
Everybody seems so happy today in the sunshine day.

Oooh. Can't you dig the sunshine?
Feel the sun and the rays.
Can't you hear it calling your name?

Everybody's smiling (sunshine day),
Everybody's laughing (sunshine day),
Everybody seems so happy today in the sunshine day.


Monica said...

OMG. Hilarious. I laughed out loud reading that whole thing.

J.R. Lee said...

The "Cry Me a River" quote...that was funny!

david said...

Hell, why stop at praying just for rain? Why don't they pray for new cars, better jobs, tastefully-appointed furnishings, and other nice things?


Rational Jenn said...

Thanks for the comments! I had lots of fun writing that post--with such rich material for comedy, it wasn't difficult to amuse myself.

Except that I'm also extremely disgusted about the entire thing. Honestly--how ridiculous. What's next? Animal sacrifice?

And David, you're entirely correct--why don't they just pray themselves into 2nd terms and balanced budgets or whatever? Also, if prayer actually did anything, then they should feel very silly that it took them this long to think of that solution. Where were these prayer sessions 5 years ago?

Stella said...

I can't decide whether to laugh at the ridiculousness or cringe at the thought that such people are actually in power. Caramba.