Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year In Review

2007: The Year of the Cabin

  • We, gulp, bought a cabin in the mountains of North Georgia! We actually did it, after discussing it for years and years. We spent the first weekend up there with friends in unusual 70 degree weather. Redecorating began in earnest.
  • I started The Fabulous FamBlog to wide acclaim--and it will be updated soon, I promise!
  • Yes, it's true: we bought a minivan and luuuurrrvve it!

  • Cabin, cabin, cabin: we spent every weekend and even some weekdays at the cabin, changing the style over from country-country to country-rustic. We got to know the Walmart up in Ellijay very well.
  • Morgan had her first trip to the Emergency Room. It was her own fault--she stuck a foam pad to an iPod earpiece into her sinus cavities, thereby cutting off her breathing.
  • My parents came for a visit--the day after the ER visit. My memories are extremely fuzzy due to lack of sleep.

  • We put the finishing touches on the cabin (finally!).
  • We went in on half a side of grass-fed beef with some friends. "Bessie" served us well throughout the year. Yum.
  • We rented a Big Old Dumpster for two weeks and threw out all kinds of crap. Beautiful!
  • Morgan turned 2 and we had Aunt Terry, Nonnie, and Grandpa Gary in town to celebrate. I made a Hello Kitty cake (very cute) and we spent the rest of the celebration--you guessed it--at the cabin!

  • The cabin was officially open for business and we had our very first renters over Spring Break! Hooray!
  • My parents visited for a frigid Easter weekend. We had our first outdoor Easter Egg Hunt and it was lots o'fun.
  • Ryan turned 5 and had a gymnastics birthday party with a football cake.
  • My sister came for a week long visit (well, really, a business trip but she stayed here).
  • I had a miscarriage--sad.

  • This was a month of turmoil. We spent the first weekend at the cabin having a birthday celebration for my parents, who both turned 60. We contrived to enjoy ourselves, although we did learn the hard way that EMS does know the way to the cabin (everyone was fine though).
  • On Mother's Day, we learned that EMS still knows the way to our house, as Brendan had a super low blood sugar. I am officially All Done with 911 for, well, the rest of my life, really.
  • It was Marietta Greek Festival Time! Opa! And Brendan had a birthday, too.
  • My brother-in-law was in town for Memorial Weekend.
  • Diana Hsieh started the OBloggers List and I joined up and started making new bloggy friends and began really blogging in earnest. Since joining OBloggers and blogging regularly, I think I've improved my writing and my average daily hits have more than doubled.


  • We spent a weekend at the cabin with friends where Ryan managed to injure his neck and get stung twice on the eyelid by a wasp. Not the best vaca for poor Mr. Ryan.
  • We took a trip to the local fire station with our homeschool group. Very informative!
  • I discovered the book Getting Things Done and it has helped me improve my life considerably.
  • I also read The Not So Big House--very inspiring.

  • We had an exciting 4th. First, Morgan rode the free pony rides here in our neighborhood, then we went to a friend's house for yummy food and chummy companionship, and then we spent our night in the hotel downtown. We were able to watch the whole fireworks show from our room this year. Rock!
  • The cabin rented out every weekend!
  • The Book of the Year (Century?) came out and we even went to the party at the bookstore to celebrate. Fun, fun, fun. Molly Weasley had the best line in the whole series!


  • We had a nice weekly rental to start out the month at the cabin.
  • My sister-in-law decided to have her birthday celebration--where else--at the cabin! We spent a few days all together in the heat. Saw some meteors, too.
  • Our annual trip to the Outer Banks was lots of fun, as always. We enjoyed taking our first long trip in the minivan. Oh, bliss.

  • We officially did NOT send Ryan to Kindergarten. Yay!
  • I went to the Buffy Sing Along with some friends! Grrr! Argh! Here's hoping they get permission to start the shows up again. Highly recommended.
  • We celebrated our 12th anniversary, and Brendan's mom got engaged!
  • We switched to DirecTV from Dish Network, and I continue to get many hits on this post. Yay. Dish Network, you have lost so much more than your stupid $5. You deserve it.
  • I got a letter to the editor printed in the AJC, and Life Learning Magazine accepted an article proposal. I is a wrighter.

  • Boo! Everyone got into Halloween this year--our favorite holiday! We begin our Halloween celebrations on October 1.
  • Brendan acquired the most glorious vehicle in the universe, to the delight of all. Sometimes I even drive it!
  • We visited Mickey Mouse and the whole gang down in Orlando, with Brendan's mom and brother. Enormouse (ha!) amounts of fun, and plus it was mostly free, thanks to Hilton Honors Points and Disney Rewards Dollars! Frugal me.
  • The cabin rented every weekend.
  • We raised lots of money for the 2nd Atlanta Food Allergy Walk, and made it all the way around this time! My sister and brother-in-law joined us for the fun.
  • The Halloween Bash was fun, even though I got so busy I forgot to dress up.

  • An unseasonably warm November allowed us to play outside very frequently.
  • We had a lovely Thanksgiving at our neighbor's house.
  • I started the Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival, having taken over the Objectivist Round Up in September.
  • We got an early start on Christmas by spending the weekend before Thanksgiving up at the cabin, giving it a holiday makeover for our Thanksgiving and New Year's renters.
  • Morgan had her second trip to the ER, after rolling out of bed in the middle of the night and breaking her collarbone. Zoiks!
  • Oh--I had a birthday, too.

  • Still more warm weather. Yay Georgia!
  • The kids and I (and Brendan, I think) really got into the holiday spirit this year. We had a very enjoyable time with our traditions, new and old.
  • My parents came for Christmas and it was a gift explosion for the little ones. Might need to rent that dumpster again. (Out with the old, in with the new.)
  • We will light up some sparklers tonight as our farewell to 2007 celebration. Ryan loves anything to do with fire (such a male child!). Doubt we'll make it to midnight though.

We're looking forward to a happy and prosperous and exciting 2008, especially because the final installment of our Offspring Trilogy will be showing up in June sometime. :o)

Have a wonderful New Year's!


Monica said...

Sounds like a very eventful year. 2008 sounds like it will be even more exciting for you! :)

I agree that Molly Weasley had the best line! Incidentally, I've just gotten the b/f to start reading Harry Potter. He's on book 2, which he brought with him this AM when he went to get the brakes fixed. (I think I have created a Harry Potter junkie.)

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks! Every year I write up our Year in Review and I'm always amazed at all the things we've done.

Next year should be interesting, to say the least. :o)

kids educational website said...

Congrats on the cabin at the first of the year!
It must have been great to have your own little schoolhouse in the woods.