Sunday, December 09, 2007

Celebrity Apprentice

I hadn't planned to watch The Celebrity Apprentice, mostly because we don't watch network television anymore unless the network tv program has peopleguys running around after a football on it.

I've seen past episodes of The Apprentice. It was interesting, for what it was. I was always slightly amazed that beautiful people who purport to have MBAs or other such degrees, or perhaps Really Good Life Experience, could be so lacking in common sense and business sense and really any kind of sense. It shouldn't amaze me; that is my experience with people in general. Still, I had higher hopes for the screening process of that tv show.

So, Celebrity Apprentice. I am of the opinion that Celebrity Anything = the Original Show + Mounds of Cheese. Also, I hate to feel pity for anyone and you know that many--not all, but many--of the celebrities on these shows are a bit picked over and it's just too painful for me to see. So, again, with the not planning to watch.

But! I'm reconsidering it now, if only to support one of the contestants, Trace Adkins. Evidently he's some country music guy (country music and I are all but strangers). More interestingly to me, he's the dad of a child with severe food allergies. And the charity he is playing for on Celebrity Apprentice is the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN)! He was also the national honorary chairman for the FAAN Walks this year.

So of course I hope he wins, because that would mean $250,000 for FAAN, not to mention national exposure and possibly education about this life-threatening condition. And he seems like a nice guy and a concerned father who wants to do his part to raise money to help his child. Can't complain about that!

I just really hope he's got lots of common sense, because it just makes such a difference.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me I have been a Trace fan for alot of years. And he does have common sense. If you really want to get an insight to Trace go to Trace Adkins. om. And pick up a copy of his book. A Personal Stand, Thoughts and Insights of A Free Thinking Roughneck
In it he talks about his daughters fight with food alergies. Along with alot of other interseting stuff