Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Lightbulb Day And Other Things!

Got your Lightbulb Day plans settled? We're going to light our candles and talk about our favorite inventions. Will probably sneak in a reading of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, too. I'm looking forward to it, especially because we have all kinds of Christmas candles that we never, ever light, and now we have a good excuse to do so. Maybe next year we'll do a fire in the fireplace, too, but since we have a broken gas fixture, I think we'll wait until the peopleguys can come and fix it first. One of my personal goals for any holiday is not to explode the house. Isn't that a nice goal?

We'll be cleaning like crazy all day and tomorrow morning in preparation for my parents. Usually I prepare for a visit from my parents by imbibing quite a bit of alcohol, but cleaning the house seemed the more sensible route this year. :o)

This year, we are going to give the kids gifts "from" each other. I don't know why we never did that before--I get Brendan gifts "from" the kids. Anyway, we're going to do that and I'm hopeful that Peace and Goodwill will be established, temporarily at least. Morgan is going to give Ryan some Harry Potter action figures (I think--it's still under debate) and Ryan will pick out a toy from my Discovery Toys stash for Morgan.

Our photo calendars arrived from Snapfish, loaded with adorable pictures of my offspring. A calendar featuring their cuteness is their gift to all their great grandparents and grandparents. We keep a copy for their baby books, too.

Blogging will be light for a few days, but I'll try to keep it up. Bye!

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Monica said...

Now, why not imbibe lots of alcohol AND clean the house? I've definitely found that this is possible, in the past, and if you're a happy drunk it makes cleaning so much more enjoyable, ya know?