Thursday, December 13, 2007

Look Out, Santa!

Those Politically Correct Powers That Be are out to make Santa shape up and set a better example for those poor little children. Santa should be skinny and in shape, they say, or The Children will be influenced for the worse. Santa needs to lay off those cookies and get to the gym.

Middle of the Post Rant:

Incidentally, a pet peeve of mine is when ANYTHING is done on behalf of "the children." If something's worth doing, just do it for yourself and keep the children out of it. Especially my children.

Back to Santa. Some good people are fighting back. The Keep Santa Fat campaign is collecting signatures and selling t-shirts in support of the cause. Because, as they say, "It's not Xmas if he's not XL."

I agree. Leave Santa alone or you might end up on the Naughty list.

Via Consent of the Governed

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