Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lots Of Little Things

It's been difficult to blog anything meaningful of late due to a confluence of factors. There are tons of topics I'd love to spend time on, but as they have all piled up and continue to vex me with their un-commented-upon existence, I think I'll just throw them all together in a little "round up" style post and put myself out of my misery.

The Economist has an interesting article about American atheists. While they make that all-too-common error of attempting to give advice to atheists as if they are a coherent group with other underlying philosophical premises in common besides a non-belief in a supernatural being(s), I found many things in the article that are useful and new to me. For example, they quote a study done in 2001 which identifies some 30 million Americans as having "no religion." Now this is not the same as saying there are 30 million atheists, but that is a much higher figure than I would have guessed--10% of the population. The article goes on to talk about how atheists are "shut out from political power" but doesn't mention that this is the case by law in some states. (For NC link, see section 8; for MD link, see article 36.) Well, I guess I had more to say about this article than I thought.

The Boston Globe has recently revealed the shocking truth about homeschooling: many of them actually emerge from the house and, you know, participate in activities and meet other people and live in the world! How is this possible? What will all the "real" hermit-type homeschoolers say about these wayward homeschoolers who are Out There in the Real World? via ODonnellWeb and others

Flibbert has a post about a recent resolution that went through the House to specifically recognize the "importance of Christmas and the Christian faith." See above. I wonder what the non-Christian Reps thought about this? As an aside, we've been having semi-theological discussions with Ryan of late and it turns out that he thinks gods are sort of squirrels with super powers that allow them to walk on electrical wires without getting shocked. Seriously.

"Universal" health care is not only impractical, but it's immoral. Want to know why? Then go here!

Fellow OBlogger Dan Edge has a new business, which I'm pretty happy about since it furthers one of my personal loves: Harry Potter.

The cabin has rented for New Year's! I was beginning to wonder if we'd have any rentals at all for December. Since we're coming up on the off season, it's important to get as many rentals as possible. So, yay! There's still availability for Christmas!

Two great carnivals are coming up tomorrow: The Living With Food Allergies carnival, and the Objectivist Round Up, so check back here tomorrow for links! If you are planning to submit a post to either one, be sure to get it in tonight before 11pm Eastern.

The weather in Atlanta will be a gorgeous 74 degrees today! The kids are playing out back (one of them is scantily clad even) and I can't believe it's December.

So, that's a little bit about a whole bunch of things I've been thinking about lately. Bye!

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