Monday, December 24, 2007

My Scientist Peopleguy

We've had another addition to the family: an ant farm! We now have four humans, two cats, one frog, one venus flytrap and a whole pack of ants living under our roof. I'm officially calling a moratorium on live additions to our household.

We've had one of these ant farms before, but Ryan is still super fascinated. He put on a lab coat, got a notebook and pen for note taking (in "scientific" language, since he hasn't acquired English reading and writing just yet), and has been watching his ants nonstop since 11:45 this morning. I am learning so much about ants, and so is his sister. For example:

Ryan: "Morgan, come and see these ants. See those on that side? They're just sitting there and not really doing anything. See those ants with their butts close to the ground? They're pooping. You can see the tiny pieces of poop everywhere. And ants can't really see where they poop, so sometimes, if another ant's head is near their butt, they might poop on top of the other ant's head! Yup! Ants sure do poop a lot!"

I had also forgotten the lovely way in which they dismantle the carcasses of deceased brethren and bury the bits in different areas of the enclosure.

Off to do some baking for tomorrow! Merry Christmas Eve!

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