Friday, December 28, 2007

ParentalTech--Great New Blog

Been meaning to post this for a while....ParentalTech is a (fairly) new blog that has articles about technology and kids, written by parents for parents. Looking for information about whether Webkinz is a safe online environment for your children? The latest in parental controls for gaming systems? iPod trends in high schools? Keeping your children (and their identities) safe online? The newest laptop for 5 year olds?

Then head on over to ParentalTech, or better yet, subscribe!

This is going to be important stuff to keep track of as our kids get older and more tech savvy. Right now, Ryan's online access is very limited--we watch a few YouTube videos (Cat! I'm a Kitty Cat!) together as a family or occasionally check out Ryan is learning computer skills and has become a very adept Empire Earth and Age of Empires player. We've been on Webkinz once or twice (it's very cute). Nobody has a cell phone or iPod (yet), but I know these things are in our future. I like having a place to help me research these tech issues. Highly recommended.

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