Saturday, December 08, 2007


I can't help it--every December 8, I must pause to remember John Lennon. We heard "Across the Universe" on the radio today, which is probably my favorite of his songs. Actually--I can't decide on a favorite song. There are too many great ones.

Then Brendan told me about a movie (evidently to be released next spring) about the killer and the several days leading up to the murder. Thank you, no. I don't think I'm missing any important information about the killer. He murdered John Lennon in cold blood. That is all I need to know. I don't really care if he was crazy or not (he obviously was/is); I don't really care about Catcher in the Rye (hated the book); I don't really care about the killer's "motivation" or troubled childhood or anything like that. I have no need to see this movie and I can't imagine what is so fascinating about this guy that he warrants a whole movie. Blech.

Anyway, yay for John Lennon and I'm glad he lived and wrote cool music, in spite of some of his crazy ideas. Good sense of life, though, and awesome glasses.

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brendan said...

Ugh -- I read the wikipedia article you linked to. I'm so disappointed to see that the film actually managed to pick up a US distributor.

I'm all for free speech, of course. I just don't understand the seemingly pathological need for some people to explore that which is so revolting. MDC is, to borrow a phrase from dear friend Charlie, a worthless piece of sh*t.

Actually, he's worse. He's a worthless piece of sh*t who was not content to just live out his own miserable life. He would rather deprive another of his life, and at the same time deprive the world of the most talented musical artist of our time.

Recommended listening: "In My Life" from my favorite Beatles album, "Rubber Soul". This song is among Lennon's greatest works.